a free-software extensible path transparency measurement tool

performs path transparency measurements using real network stacks

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The PATHspider documentation contains all the information you need to get started quickly and run measurements using the standard plugins.

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Research Focussed

PATHspider is designed for research with an emphasis on reproducibility of results and is built on a peer-reviewed measurement methodology framework.

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Extensible with Plugins

Written in Python, PATHspider is designed to be extended with plugins for measuring path transparency for new protocols features.

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Citing PATHspider

When presenting work that uses PATHspider, we would appreciated it if you could cite PATHspider as:

Learmonth, I.R., Trammell, B., Kuhlewind, M. and Fairhurst, G., 2016, July. PATHspider: A tool for active measurement of path transparency. In Proceedings of the 2016 Applied Networking Research Workshop (pp. 62-64). ACM.
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  booktitle = {Proceedings of the 2016 Applied Networking Research Workshop}, 
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Original PATHspider Paper published at ANRW 2016
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License: GPL version 2, or at your option, any later version

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IRC: #pathspider on irc.oftc.net

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